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Private Eyes who conduct investigations in a discreet, confidential & professional manner to uncover the truth in infidelity & insurance investigations.


Cheating Spouse
Atlas Investigations private investigators are experts at uncovering the truth about infidelity and cheating spouses.   If you suspect infidelity, Atlas Investigations will provide the answers to those painful questions you may have. Atlas Investigations understands the urgency with which you need questions answered. Our investigators are highly skilled at uncovering what a spouse so carefully is trying to conceal.

Do you have doubts about the faithfulness of your spouse?  Are you soon to be married, and would like to make sure you know the truth about your lover?  Has your marriage taken a turn for the worst, and you would like proof of your cheating spouse's activities for leverage in court?  We realize that all of these situations are very sensitive to our clients.  That is why our company institutes a strict confidentially policy.  Atlas Investigations will discreetly and confidentially uncover the facts you need to make the difficult decisions and we will do so without endangering your relationship.

What Do I Have To Do? - Our clients only need to simply contact Atlas Investigations.  We realize that many of these situations may be embarrassing or difficult to discuss.  However, Atlas Investigations handles every case of a cheating spouse with the utmost confidentiality, discretion, and professionalism.  All it takes is a simple call. Atlas will do the rest.

What Will Atlas Supply? - Atlas Investigations employs some of the best professionals in the field, who are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for surveillance.  Investigators will report their findings, and all of our clients receive detailed reports both verbally and in writing, to include digital imagery.  Atlas Investigations will get you the answers you deserve, and present them to you in an unbiased, and professional manner.

Will My Spouse Know? - Atlas Investigations conducts all of it's investigations with the utmost discretion.  First and foremost, all of your dealings with Atlas Investigations will be kept strictly confidential.  In addition, any investigation or surveillance conducted by our skilled investigators will be executed with the highest degree caution.  Our investigators are highly skilled professionals, using the latest equipment, and will conduct themselves as such.

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If you are having doubts about your relationship, call Atlas Investigations.  We'll uncover the truth. (781) 255-7779


Licensed & Bonded in: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire.

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