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Private Eyes who conduct investigations in a discreet, confidential & professional manner to uncover the truth in infidelity & insurance investigations.


Private eye services by Atlas Investigations.

Atlas Investigations has extensive private eye experience in numerous fields of investigation. Not only are our private investigators licensed throughout the New England Area, to include Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Hampshire, but they are equipped with the latest surveillance technology to ensure superior quality.  Whatever you need, we'll get it done, and best of all, our services are available at affordable prices.

Infidelity Investigations:  Do you suspect your spouse of cheating on you?  Atlas Investigations will uncover the truth for you.  Our investigators will discreetly get you the answers to some of the most difficult questions you may have about the faithfulness of your spouse.  Whether it's in preparation for an upcoming divorce, or just for your peace of mind, we'll get you the answers you need.

Insurance Fraud:  Insurance fraud has been estimated to cost this country in excess of $100 billion dollars a year: such as a person filing a hospital bill for surgery they didn't have; or someone inflating their home or vehicle damage in an attempt to get more than they are owed.  Whatever the case may be, Atlas Investigations will uncover the truth.

Liability Claims:  Was someone hurt while under your employment?  Did someone injure themselves while on your property?  Are you 100% sure that it was a legitimate accident?  Let Atlas Investigations find out for you.  We handle all types of workers compensation investigations, as well as any liability claims.  Don't let yourself or your business be scammed.

Litigation Support:  Are you ready for your court case? Whether you are in a civil litigation for a motor vehicle accident or a criminal case involving more serious issues, Atlas Investigations can assist you. Countless attorneys and insurance companies have used Atlas Investigations' services over the years with positive results!
The reason: Atlas provides the highest quality information that supports the case. Be it a witness statement, incident scene photograph, or other investigative report, Atlas makes certain you are ready!

We have resonable rates for all our services, give us a call. (781) 255-7779


Licensed & Bonded in: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire.

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